vrijdag 28 september 2012

World Championship in Paris

As a member of the Dutch National Team i got to compete in the World Championship Bouldering in Paris. Unfortunately I got sick on the Saturday before. Although I really hoped everything would be ok on the day I had to climb....it wasnt supposed to be that way.
I had a small fever so I was weak as hell. I couldnt even top the first boulder which was suposed to be around 7A if you did it with the bold holds instead of the holds itself. (why were they not closed?!)

World Championship 2012, Bercy

Although the organisation was a bit French (f.e. isolations closes at 8am while at 7.55am 75% of the athletes where still waiting in line) the competition was great at an almost perfect location! Never knew that so may people would enjoy watching climbing!

At the end I reallly enjoyed watching al the others compete and had a great week sightseeing in Paris, but the comp self was a bit disappointing. Especially as this was the first time in almost a year where I felt pretty strong and confident (before I got sick of course). It really got me motivated to train harder and make sure I wont get an injury anymore.

And we had 2 great sessions in BlockBuster, one of the climbing gyms in Paris. Tonde (from L'Ouvre-Boite) had set up 4 mens and 4 womens boulder problems for practise. Great boulders, great gym!

Dutch Climbing Team, Hans Busker, Blocbuster, Nederlands Team sportklimmen
The Dutch Team at the gym

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