maandag 16 juli 2012

Back to Bleau (comp)

There was another local competition last Sunday the 8th of July. It was called back to Bleau in Klimmuur centraal.
I arrived at 11.30 and there were just a few competitors/climbers. Probably because of the really bad weather....I just did a small warm up session before a small break with coffee and pie :-) Then the people started coming in and it got pretty crowded! There were some really nice problems set by Casper, Roman, Rogier and I guess many others...I managed to do most of the hardest boulders which gave me the first place and a nice crash pad from Edelrid. Unfortunately I cannot make it to the final on the 8th of September due to other I wish the other finalists all the best!

Thanks for the great boulders!

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