zondag 27 mei 2012

US of A! Training with a jetlag.

Yesterday, The day after arriving in Denver, Colorado, I decided to do something active. First to get used to the high altitude and second to get rid of the jetlag. So we (Mirthe and Pascal) went to Pikes Peak. A 14,150 feet mountain. of course we went up the American way.....by car! In European terms there was a highway all the way up the mountain.

Hans Busker, USA, bouldering, climbing, crimping, worldcup

There were some beautiful scenics during the trip and once we got on top it was pretty windy. I tried to run for a 100meters and then I noticed I got a little bit dizzy and I could feel the height. After a little bit of walking around we went back down to Ute Pass (8,500ft) for some outdoor bouldering. Again with some more active hiking to the boulders.

Hans Busker, bouldering, USA, climbing, five ten

Hans Busker, bouldering, climbing, USA, five ten

After 2 hours of bouldering we went to the local climbing gym in Colorado Springs(6,00ft). It was there were the jetlag really hit me....I couldn't get up a V7 because of unnatural pumped forearms. Good thing I arrived a week before the world up in Vail, otherwise I might have had it in the comp. Afterwards a good steak for recovering and a good might sleep....the today to the Spot in Boulder for some more training!

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