zondag 4 november 2012

Dutch National Championship.....place 4

A bit late, but nonetheless......semi finals in the Dutch Championship went ok. First boulder was easy....second boulder I messed up by trying too hard, so I only topped it in my final and 3rd try. 3rd boulder was my style (at least the shortcut) mantle into a corner and just walk up! 4th boulder was a little bit harder bout managed to top at once as well!

The finals were a bit harder and I notived in the first boudler that I wasn't at my best at the moment. So first boulder (very technical) was a no go for me! Second boulder was as tension problem with a dinamic ending. Managed to 3/4 in the first try but didnt know what to do with the two slopers. second try I messed up a small dynamic move in the beginning so it had to be the 3rd try. (again 2nd boulder 3rd try important). I managed to get to the last move but was so pumped that there was nog fast power left....tried to mantle into the corner but that was no go. That moment I kind of knew that the first place was no go anymore as there would be at least 3 tops in this boulder.

Then 3rd boulder was a volume problem with a mantle...I like! my style all over, but unfortunately there was no real power left in my body and I couldn't do the mantle. no top again! I was a little ashamed as I normally really like these kind of things and now there was no possibily for me.

4th problem was a double dyno a little bit to the side. I managed to do it 3rd or 4th try and luckily the top out was not that hard. I felt a huge relieve that I could at least top 1 boulder and it gave me the 4th place!

Underneath the official NKBV video of the comp.

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